Another Great Motorcycle Journey

Many of the gentle readers of my humble blog have expressed to me their heartfelt admiration for the scope and spirit of my wonderful trip. Others have said I’m just batshit crazy. Either way, it does not hold the slightest candle to the incredible odyssey undertaken by Simon and Lisa Thomas back in 2003 (and still going on currently!!).

The husband and wife team decided to embrace the road less travelled and sold their home, and set out on two motorcycles (BMW, of course) to ride all seven continents and hit 122 countries (they’re currently at 70, I think). They’ve faced every sort of break down, calamity and injury you can think of. They now hold the Guinness Record for the Longest Continual Motorcycle Expedition. Just amazing stuff and really inspiring.

If you want to read more about epic motorcycle journeys, you should check out their blog,

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