The Trip

Today, my journey across America begins! I’m riding my motorcycle South to the Gulf Coast, West to Los Angeles, North up the coast to San Francisco, and then back East to New York trying to hit as many of the great National Parks as possible. I’ll be riding mostly on local roads including some portions off-road while trying to avoid the big interstates as much as possible.

My goal is to find the best local food, enjoy some adventures and meet new and old friends. For accommodations, I’ll be camping, staying with friends, and occasionally splurging on some interesting hotels. My itinerary includes some big cities but also I’m also hoping to visit some smaller places that I’ve only read about.

In short, I’m circumnavigating America without a set plan or return date.  Let’s see what happens…



  1. So jealous you are off doing this.

    So happy you are blogging about it.

    Keep posting so we can live through you. And post photos of the people, too. Not just the scenery, but every day life wherever you find yourself!

    Be safe,


  2. Too bad that I discovered Leviathon – and Christof – so late in the game. I would have loved to offer you a place to stay for the night in the mountains high above LA, but as I read this you are way past this place here.
    Hey – next time!

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